What is Analogue?

What is Analogue?


Simulating management decision-making

Analogue is a living case study, in which participants produce their own data, whether behavioural or financial, which they can analyse for a broad range of learning outcomes.

An analogue is a representation of reality. Similarly, the Analogue Business Simulation creates a classroom exercise that simulates a real-life business environment. Groups of participants role-play the top management teams of a number of companies in an industry, making a series of business decisions. The focus is on general management – making decisions about a broad range of business issues: production, marketing, finance, labour relations.

Twenty decision variables are entered for each decision. In addition, management teams need to take into account the external environment – taxation, interest and inflation levels, etc. – and the fact that they are in competition with other players in the market.

Two versions of Analogue are available: one that simulates a production environment, in which firms produce two physical products; the other in a service context, where the companies are running call centre operations, marketing two investment products on behalf of financial institutions.

In both cases, management teams need to balance demand and supply, planning ahead for changes in business conditions and ensuring that productive infrastructure is sufficient to meet future demand. Numerous delays and bottlenecks are built into the game’s dynamics so as to compel a forward-looking perspective.

Apart from any other outcome, the game is enormous fun, and participants emerge from the process energised and enthusiastic – having learned a great deal about dealing with complexity in an environment of substantial uncertainty and time pressure.

Please visit http://www.analoguesim.com for further information.analogue full logo

  • Timing and numbers

    Each topic is offered in three-day and five-day format, to cater to a range of requirements and time availability. To optimise learning groups are limited to 30 members, and ideally should be of between 20 and 30 in size.

    Additional topics may be added from time to time.

    Analogue is available in two versions: Production and Service.

  •  Analogue - Simulating management decision making
  •  Analogue - Simulating management decision making

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